My life as a bush is a project that represents my long-term empathy with nature. It is about the complex and delicate tension that grows between fears and desires. It is an attempt to reconcile myself through nature with my ongoing battle of staying or leaving, taking root or eradication, (the past present and the future,) being entrenched with my history or being free to create my own story and direction.

I have shot my first video during the first visit and road trip across USA in 2015. It took 10 days from Philadelphia to Los Angeles. We stopped at the Painted Desert in Arizona. We were close to the end of the travel. It was windy. The wind had always made me feel uncomfortable. Not that time. The Painted Desert is one of those sites that makes you think there must be something really incredible and big behind it all. It was one of those moments: sublime and safe. Looking around at the immensity and spectacle of the site, I saw it. It was a little thing: a bush. It made me think about myself. It was clumsily moving as the wind was blowing. It seemed a little creature and at that moment it wasn’t clear to me if the little plant was resisting the wind, playing with it or just about to let itself go and get lost in the air.

During the following 5 months I spent in California I shot many more of these small wonders of nature, all with different shapes, different movements, spirit and struggle. I started hunting for them. I still am.