‘I realise now that, while I was locking my front door, I was trying to give a rest to all the stories and memories, impalpable and yet so rooted in me, to distance my self from emotions I was very attached to, probably dependent, for my own good. It was incredibly painful. In the car I wished we would had never arrived to the destination. My train was at 11 pm. I laid down on my semi crashed bunk bed, in a packed compartment full of foreign suitcases and people, after saying goodbye to everybody. As soon as the train began moving, riding faster and faster out of the sight, the station and the city, I started to relax. I was feeling better and relieved somehow. I was by my own. I fell asleep’.

My life as a bush is a video project that started in 2015 as a spontaneous act and with an epiphany. It was during an intense, weird, difficult and great period of my life. It was another moment of transition. It roots in my long-term empathy and familiarity with nature. Since I started to suffer by panic attacks, nature has been the place where I feel at peace and not alone, a life presence that has allowed me to think about the future and helped me to breath when I could not.