Being developed
  The Gift  is about encounters and their effect and presence on our life. It inspects the unexpected and unusual relations that connect very different people and their lives. It is an exploration of the allusive interspace where human being meet each other, and memories and new paths come together.  I met Miriam in 2015 in California. Miriam was an old woman slowly fading. She told me she had been really passionated in photography. She used to go around, all the time with her beloved special camera with her name typed on the strap, taking tons of pictures. As she couldn’t use it anymore, she and her daughter Linda decided to pass the camera to me. I received it as a gift on Thanksgiving Day. To me it immediately became more than just an object. Suddenly I felt I was meaningfully related to a person that I didn’t know before and to her life as well. I decided to investigate and examine the intangible space of relation that the camera created.  The Gift was  shot on film and includes also a short video.
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